Ranch Rush

Ranch Rush

Help Sara have the best Ranch possible
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Aliasworlds Entertainment
Build your own ranch and grow a harvest to earn many so that you can expand your buildings. Create the best farm ever and win all the trophies that the games awards.

Ranch Rush is a strategy building game that allows you to create your own farm. You are really helping a woman by the name of Sara to take advantage of some land that she isn't really using. There, you are going to be able to create the farm of your dreams. Not that you would dream of having a farm. I know I wouldn't. But you are given certain liberties to shape the farm the way you want. The game is really about completing challenges. In certain levels, you are asked to have at list 3 of a single type of seed. Those are the challenges. You earn money with everything you sell from your farm. You can later use that money to buy more stuff for your farm. You also get a sort of power-ups that allow you to carry on with your operations considerably faster. You only get a few of those, so you have to be careful about how you spend them. All in all, the game isn't the most impressive game you will ever be. To say the truth, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of graphics, playablity and design. Still, it should prove fun to try.

José Fernández
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